• Acer TravelMate 2413NLMI Replacement Power Supply Cord Laptop Battery Charger Notebook AC Adapter 4.74A 19V

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Acer TravelMate 2413NLMI Replacement Power Supply Cord Laptop Battery Charger Notebook AC Adapter 4.74A 19V

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      4.74A 19V Acer TravelMate 2413NLMI Charger

      Output: 4.74A
      Voltage: 19V
      Warranty: 18 Months

      Replaces these Acer original part numbers:
      0335A1965, 11142024, 91.40F28.002, 91.41Q28.002, 91.42S28.002, 91.46W28.002, 91.48428.6A1, 91.48R28.003, 91.AA135.001, ADP-65JH, DB ADT01.008, AP.09000.001, AP.09001.003, AP.09001.005, AP.09003.009, AP.09006.004, AP.A0201.003, AP.A0305.003, AP.A1003.002, AP.A1003.003, AP.06501.005, AP.06503.003, AP.06503.006, AP.T1903.002, AP.T2303.001, AP.T2303.002, AP.T3503.001, AP.T3503.002, AT.T2303.001, LC.ADT01.001, LC.ADT01.002, LC.ADT01.003, LC.ADT01.004, LC.ADT01.005, LC.ADT01.007, LC.ADT01.008, LC.ADT06.002, LC.T2801.006, LC.T2801.018, HP-A0652R3B, N18664, PA-1500-02, PA-1600-05, PA1650, PA-1650-01, PA-1650-22, PA-1700, PA-1700-02, PA-1750-02, PA-1900-04, PA-1900-04AC, PA-1900-04QB, PA-1900-24, R33030, SADP-65KB-D

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